Compliance with customs regulations is an essential component in the international supply chain and a responsibility for all importers. At GE, we can join forces in:

  • Professional handling of your entries by true customs experts
  • Having a deep knowledge of your company, products and industry
  • Performing a 100% internal review policy of all the customs entries in addition to other process controls on post entry work, duty discrepancies and the like.
  • Developing a comprehensive HTS database for your product line for a guaranteed accuracy
  • Appointing a single point of contact to ensure a superior customer service
  • Developing a strategic and consultative relationship
  • Setting specialized skill sets (FTZ, Duty Drawback, First Sale, EPCG etc.)
  • Keeping you posted with any regulatory changes that might have an impact on your business
  • Developing a proactive and positive relationship with customs
  • We do not allow any compromises when it comes to customs and regulatory compliance, given the significant cost of non-compliance.

Our client collaboration goes beyond the basic classification and data entry. We partner with customers to assess their compliance profile and advise recommendations that improve the operation’s accuracy and efficiency. We make sure to stay up to date with any changes in regulatory matters for us to take immediate actions on behalf of our clients.

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