Process for Handling DG Shipments
Requirement of Paper-works
  • 4 INVOICES – ON COMPANY LETTERHEAD – with stamp and sign stating end use and reason for export – no white ink or hand written is allowed. Also need statement on invoice for REASON OF EXPORT and END USE (final use of contents)
  • 3 ORIGINAL MSDS – On company letter head with sign and stamp on all pages
  • 3 ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS – On company letterhead with stamp and sign
  • Self attested Copy of the IEC Certificate
  • Need stamp of the shipper – which will be returnable after use in a day or two after connection.
Charges Applicable
  • Freight as per Actual / Volumetric weight which ever is higher (after DG Box packing)
  • DG Surcharge (as per the Class of the DG product)
  • FedEx Fuel Surcharge
  • DG Box packing
  • Clearance charges
  • Service tax
If the DG Box is already prepared by the shipper – we require
  • OIGINAL IIP CERTIFICATE (for air mode)
  • Letter from Supplier of the IIP Boxes to the shipper showing the sale of the DG Box

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